Friday, April 27, 2012

Welcome to the Southland

Its on Fridays like these that the sweet breeze of the approaching 80 degree weekend brings my love for Los Angeles to its peak. I've been whining about wanting to live in New York for a decade but when all is said and done, even the most die-hard New Yorker will tell you the weather in L.A. just can't be out-shined. In honor of my beloved hometown, check out some pretty cool (or at least weird) L.A. only facts:

  • We have on average 325 days of sunshine a year (eat that miami)
  • If we were a state, we would be the fourth largest in the nation
  • It is illegal to charge admission for a house party (seriously!)
  • There are more artists writers, filmmakers, actors, dancers, and musicians living and working in L.A. than any other city at any other time in the history of civilization
  • The Capitol Records building was made to look like a stack of 45 rpm records (it was also the first circular building in the world)
  • It is illegal to cry on the witness stand (so man up)
  • Angelenos eat an average of 250 tacos a year
  • The city flower is the bird of paradise
  • 1932 Olympics were hosted in Los Angeles, hence the street name Olympic Blvd. which pays tribute
  • Pasadena has a large non-indigenous population of naturalized parrots
  • L.A. Harbor Lighthouse is the only one in the world that uses an emerald green beacon
  • La Brea Tar Pits is the only excavation site in the world where there were more predatory animals found than prey (cuz were bad asses obviously)
  • On average, 15 people try to drive away from the cops on any given day
  • There are 65 people in L.A. that have the legal registered name of "Jesus Christ"
So we're a little self righteous, its to be expected in LaLa Land... theres still no way I'm ditching 325 days of tank tops.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elemental Style

I suppose I can't really say I know what it was like to grow up in the 80's, despite my 1986 name day, but as a firm fashion enthusiast I was excited that with spring came the return of neon. Some say tacky, I said brilliant, and now I can safely say we are officially in abundance. Its amazing to see people's insatiable fashion gluttony and the industry's natural desire to exploit good ideas until we hate them, but as of yet, that has not happened. I'm enjoying the throwback and I sort of love the implied youth and dare I say it, balls it takes to wear something like electric yellow with khaki crop pants and a clutch (werk!)
There are things or moments in life I like to call "signs of sunshine" that are just that, small societal indications that summer is coming. A warm night breeze makes its yearly debut, theres the reappearance of mini dresses and side boob, and now the rise of neon. Bright and fun don't take life too seriously and those are some refreshing adjectives for fashion these days (I blame Gaga). So in light of this potentially short-lived trend, I'd like to encourage you all to embrace your inner Cyndi Lauper and participate in a little fluorescent therapy.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

An Ode To Summer

As I sit behind the loud blare of my computer screen at way too early 0'clock in the morning, I wonder how I allowed myself to be overtaken by the evil monster grip that is society. Yah so they told us to enjoy being a kid while it lasts, but what they failed to mention is the part where you get a job and voluntarily commit the rest of your sad life to sitting inside and living for the only two days of the week left to do anything remotely selfish. But thats a rant saved for another day, today is the first official posting and that my friends, is reserved for a more positive itinerary. Today is an Ode to Summer.
What once was a 3-month long holiday is now just another collection of days, but I remember when it used to be everything. There was something about the summer that vibrated through school in the form of more than just tank tops and miniskirts. You had attitude in the summer, there was a smell, a distinct feeling of thank freaking God I'm about to get the f- out of here and theres nothing anyone can do about it. There's not much else that compares to the feeling of an approaching high school summer so losing that is something I've decided I am not going to allow, despite the fact that its been almost ten years since I've had one. I can't even believe that I can say the phrase "ten years ago" and still be referring to something I remember but thats where we are people, thats where we are.
It seems a little backwards that as life gets harder, we get less society-mandated breaks than when we were children, but I guess theres no such thing as grown-up nap time. Well, as a newer member of the adult club, I'd like to make a permanent amendment and suggest that the month of May be entirely reserved for debauchery and relaxation. A chance for the man in all of us to kick off our boots, smoke the well-deserved cigarette of life and chill out like teenagers.

If you need me, I'll be lobbying outside the local Starbucks.