Thursday, May 10, 2012

Take Note America

I assure you I'm usually not this political... but I think theres cause for (huge!) celebration at Obama's recent public approval of gay marriage. Don't get me wrong, I was definitely nervous there for a second, especially so close to an election. I am obviously a supporter of equal rights, gay or straight, but lets not forget that a big chunk of ignorant america is not. Thats some ballsy moves Mr. President and I like it. He basically told like 26 states to f-off and check themselves. Kind of a scary thought when Mitt Romney's evil ass is our other option should he lose the election. That is until George Clooney hosted a little fundraising bash last night and raised a record 15 million dollars for the current commander in chief, yah thats right, a sweet intimate gathering resulting in a humble 15 milli. Now thats what I call a getting it done. While I'm not really sure what they could even spend all that money on campaign-wise, hopefully it will get the gays to the alter and him the reelection.

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