Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Elemental Style

I suppose I can't really say I know what it was like to grow up in the 80's, despite my 1986 name day, but as a firm fashion enthusiast I was excited that with spring came the return of neon. Some say tacky, I said brilliant, and now I can safely say we are officially in abundance. Its amazing to see people's insatiable fashion gluttony and the industry's natural desire to exploit good ideas until we hate them, but as of yet, that has not happened. I'm enjoying the throwback and I sort of love the implied youth and dare I say it, balls it takes to wear something like electric yellow with khaki crop pants and a clutch (werk!)
There are things or moments in life I like to call "signs of sunshine" that are just that, small societal indications that summer is coming. A warm night breeze makes its yearly debut, theres the reappearance of mini dresses and side boob, and now the rise of neon. Bright and fun don't take life too seriously and those are some refreshing adjectives for fashion these days (I blame Gaga). So in light of this potentially short-lived trend, I'd like to encourage you all to embrace your inner Cyndi Lauper and participate in a little fluorescent therapy.

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